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Unleash Your Musical Genius with ArtistToolbox

Welcome to ArtistToolbox, where we’re revolutionizing the way you create music! Our mission? To amplify your creativity, not replace it. We’re here to empower you to focus on the magic of music-making, elevate your artistry to new heights, and accelerate your creative flow like never before. Ready for a backstage pass to our suite of cutting-edge tools? Let’s go!

Check out some of the AI powered tools we offer:

Studio Sidekick AI

StudioSidekick AI: Your 24/7 Music Producer

Imagine having a world-class music producer by your side, day and night. Meet StudioSidekick AI, your personal chatbot maestro! Whether it’s EQ, compression, or arrangement, StudioSidekick AI is your go-to guru for overcoming technical hurdles and unleashing your full creative brilliance. Say adios to frustration and pricey studio sessions—achieve that pro sound on your own terms!

AudioArt Visualizer: Mesmerizing Music Visuals

Elevate your music with a visual masterpiece! AudioArt Visualizer transforms your tracks into hypnotic, abstract animations in perfect harmony with your sound. Whether you’re a vocalist or instrumentalist, AudioArt Visualizer adds a stunning visual dimension to your art. Simply upload, choose your style, and let our state-of-the-art tech generate visuals that dance to your music’s beat.

AudioArt Visualizer
StemSplitter Pro

StemSplitter Pro: Unleash Your Remix Mastery

Unlock boundless creativity with StemSplitter Pro! Extract individual layers from any track, isolate specific elements, or remove vocals for a TV soundtrack or live gig. Our AI-driven tech effortlessly dissects your track, empowering you to remix, repurpose, and reimagine your music like a pro.

VoiceSampleLab: Infinite Voices, Infinite Possibilities

Welcome to VoiceSampleLab, where every voice is a unique instrument! Generate a limitless library of stunning, realistic, and 100% royalty-free voice samples. This trailblazing tool offers unparalleled creative freedom—unleash your imagination and elevate your music to uncharted territory.


FlowStateJetPack: Skyrocket Your Creativity

Stuck in a creative rut? FlowStateJetPack is your AI-powered muse, designed to supercharge your creative process. Explore fresh chord progressions, experiment with sound design, and craft the perfect finishing touches. Break free from creative blocks and let your music soar!

Sonic2MIDI: From Audio to MIDI Magic

Transform your audio recordings into dynamic MIDI files with Sonic2MIDI! Perfect for beatboxers, vocalists, and producers, Sonic2MIDI invites you to refine and customize your sound in your DAW. The door to limitless possibilities is wide open—apply your artistic touch and achieve sonic perfection.


LyricExtractor: Transcribe Lyrics with AI Precision

LyricExtractor streamlines transcription, listening to your songs and extracting lyrics with pinpoint accuracy. Share lyrics with collaborators, create lyric videos, and engage fans who love to sing along. LyricExtractor is your ultimate transcription companion.


The Future of Music Creation Awaits!

These are just a few of the game-changing tools we’ve crafted to enhance your skills, boost your efficiency, and inject joy into your creative journey. And the excitement doesn’t stop here—our team is constantly innovating, and as a member, you’ll enjoy early access to every new AI-powered tool we release.

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